[20180417] Michael Cohen 和 Sean Hannity 引發的新聞倫理爭議

Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohen’s Secret Third Client. Why That Matters.


Fox 主播 Sean Hannity 被爆出是 Trump 個人律師 Michael Cohen 的三位客戶之一,引發了他是否違反了新聞倫理、並未揭露利益關系的爭議。

Fox 主播 Sean Hannity 是 Trump 的忠實盟友,一直以來都全力爲 Trump 辯護、以及打擊 Trump 的對手,尤其喜歡針對調查俄羅斯干遇 2016 美國總統大選的特別檢察官 Robert Mueller 進行攻擊。 最近 Robert Mueller 對 Trump 的個人律師 Michael Cohen 辦公室、住處以及旅店房間進行了搜查,後續竟然爆出 Michael Cohen 的三位客戶之一就是 Sean Hannity,而他才剛在電視上譴責對 Cohen 的搜查是骯髒的政治行動:

For many years, Hannity was known as the “nice” alternative to Bill O’Reilly.

But the last couple of years have been gruesome.

Hannity has not only become increasingly fanatical in his defense of Trump, but also particularly deranged in his coverage of the FBI’s investigations of various aspects of Trump world.

有趣的是, 根據紐約時報的報道[1], Hannity 在 2016 年曾表示:

After all, the Fox News host added, “I never claimed to be a journalist.”

他在節目上試圖淡化他和 Cohen 的關係[1]:

…went on to denounce the media speculation over his link to Mr. Cohen as “absolutely insane.”


the lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who unexpectedly told the host that it would have been “much, much better” to disclose that he was a Cohen client.

Hannity 之前批評 Robert Mueller 的記錄[3]:


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  3. Hannity: There’s No Proof! Wait…There’s Proof?

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