[20180427] James Comey 的品格

The Book and Memos of James Comey

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節目主持人對前 FBI 局長 James Comey 的新書 <A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership> 做出了精闢的總結以及評價。主持人以個人經驗判斷 Comey 不是個心口不一的人, 他是真的相信、也想達到他給自己設定的高道德標準,然而在一些艱難的抉擇 (如 2016 大選前夕對 Hilary Clinton 電子郵件的調查) Comey 的決定還是受到了強烈的質疑。

或許 Comey 想表達的是,就算一個正直的好人,在個人能力、環境、或機遇等因素的影響下,也會犯下嚴重的錯誤。 他和 Trump 的公開決裂是另一個鮮明的例子,動機看起來是純正的,但 Comey 的一些決定似乎不很理想。

他的故事值得每一個想要追求高道德標準和堅守基本原則的人參考。如果這麼優秀的精英都會跌倒,我們碰到困難的時候應該如何面對?過度的苛責自己也許並非必要, 還是應該更嚴格要求自己,所以下次才能做的更好?像 Comey 那樣把自己的高道德標準掛在嘴邊是不是一個不好的做法?

Comey 的品格某種程度上也是他的缺陷:

…a kind of moral hubris, that led him to make bad decisions… I get a feeling that he’s always telling people that he’s prone to sanctimony and he’s correcting for it. There’s a level of neurosis in him.

(Comey wrote in his book) I’m proud of the fact that I try to do the right thing. I’m proud of the fact that I try to be truthful and transparent. So he is both denying and admitting it at the same time (this righteous quality).

Trump 和 Comey 的衝突:

Trump likes to think everybody is corruptible, that everyone has a price,  can be blackmailed, and has an agenda. And Comey likes to think he doesn’t have an agenda, and you know, he can’t be corrupted.

對 Obama 的看法:

He (Comey) makes a big point of saying that he didn’t support Obama… He thinks Obama has little this hubris and arrogance… Obama has too much faith in his own brilliance and judgement. But on ethical ground he’s 100% on Obama’s side… And he came around to him (Obama).

主持人對 Comey 的文筆也給了正面評價, 雖然沒有 Obama 的第一本書好,但已經比 Hilary Clinton 好了。Comey 沒有用任何 ghost writer, 只有編輯幫他修改稿件。

Comey 在他的生涯中不斷的尋找學習對象,對他覺得好的品格進行學習和模仿,這本書很大程度上是在講述他的這個經歷。

Clinton 2016 大選事件:

I (Jacob) think he (Comey) made a pretty good case for an honest mistake. He certainly made a good case that it’s an honest decision… sharing the assumption that Hilary would likely to become the president. He thought if it (the investigation) came out after could cast a cloud of her presidency…



  • sanctimonious: making a show of being morally superior to other people.

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