[20181205] Red Dead Redemption II 《碧血狂殺2》

Red Dead Redemption 2 review

by Chris Plante @Polygon

Red Dead Redemption 2 是 2010 年第一代遊戲的前傳,講述第一代男主角 John Marston 年輕時期參與的 Dutch van der Linde 團夥的故事,本次的主角是該團夥的資深成員 Arthur Morgen, 玩家將從 Arthur 的視角體驗開發商 Rockstar 精心重制的西部世界、以及充滿了戲劇性和各種政治隱喻的故事情節。(編按:我在 Youtube 上幾乎大致看完了主線劇情,以一個不熟悉美國西部故事的人來說,這個遊戲說的故事非常有意思,雖然難免有些瑕疵,但整體來說讓人印象深刻。)

Arthur 的故事就像是阿甘正傳,他經歷了美國歷史上一些最醜惡的暴行,在近乎無知的情況下還能神奇的走到了善良的一方 (編按:雖然對 Arthur 來說這個覺悟來的有點晚):

In this manner, Arthur’s journey is a lot like that of Forrest Gump. He stumbles through some of American history’s biggest and ugliest sins, oblivious to the scope of their evil, yet angelic in how he always finds himself on the inherent side of good.

遊戲中最有意思的角色是團夥的領袖 Dutch van der Linde,他帶領著一群自認被國家和社會拋棄、想要追求自由的人們,承諾自己能夠達成他們的目標:

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series has focused largely on men who adopt a life of crime in pursuit of the unattainable American dream, but the members of Dutch’s gang largely seem to have been wronged by the nation and want freedom from it. Every step of their journey is taken toward that one big job that can solve all their problems.

Rockstar 最喜歡用的主題之一就是邪教,Dutch 的團夥基本上就是一個邪教,Dutch 利用這成員的不安全感和欲望,不斷的承諾完成下一個任務之後他們就能達到終極的目標,不斷食言卻能夠不斷的用三寸不爛之舌將成員說服回來。

Like so many fanatical leaders, Dutch exploits the insecurities and desires of his followers, promising them exactly what they want. He uses a Machiavellian approach to justify increasingly horrific missions. And he never stops punting.

然而,除了 Dutch 本身極度缺乏戰略思考的缺陷之外,他們的鬥爭根本上是無謂的,時代的洪流已經無法阻擋。

…but a couple dozen folks eking out a life on the fringes of a small trading town can’t compete with hulking institutions powered by an unlimited supply of money and weapons, soldiers, police and mercenaries. In short order, their simplistic “Wild West philosophy” gets crushed beneath a time and a place that’s too complex for them to comprehend, let alone compete with.


But ultimately, the story is too sentimental, and the game too loyal to the video game story trajectory, in which missions become bigger and more explosive, rather than more critical and introspective.

很難衡量 Red Dead Redemption 2 是否完成了它想要的目標,因爲感覺起來這個遊戲是個大雜燴,不確定最重要的環節是什麼。

It’s hard to even gauge if Red Dead Redemption 2 achieves its own goals, because by the end, it appears to be a bit of everything: a violent shooter, a cracking heist flick, a meditation on mortality, a high school American history class.

At its best, the story breaks away from the Western genre and plays like a cross between a heist movie, a domestic drama and a political thriller. At its worst, it’s a buddy action comedy. Mercifully, it manages to be more of the former than the latter.

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